Fran Poteet-Joseph

Fran Poteet-Joseph

Fran Poteet-Joseph’s vast experience spans the martial arts/fitness profession, the film industry, and extensive executive work in the corporate world.

Martial Arts

As a master teacher, Fran has over 20 years experience teaching martial arts to group classes, international seminars, private male and female individuals, and public law enforcement officers and military personnel. Fran is the protege and highest-ranked student of famed BRUCE LEE student, JERRY POTEET. Fran is the only JPJKD instructor with a Master’s Level in JPJKD Jeet Kune Do and Escrima. She holds BLACK BELT rankings in several other martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do, Hwa Rang Do, Kali and Escrima, and Wing Chun. She also is an expert in Boxing, Kickboxing, Weapons, and more.

As with the JPJKD Association, Fran’s mission is to provide a warm and safe fitness and training environment in an upscale atmosphere while empowering people of all ages, from beginners to black belts, young children to professional adults. The fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies in an elegant and inspiring setting will offer a haven to the stressed executive, movie agent, or individual who wish to train at the gym, learn elite level martial arts, or get into the best shape of their lives!

As President of the JPJKD Association, Fran is dedicated to preserving and continuing the legacy of Sifu Jerry Poteet and the JPJKD Association.


Fran is a coveted fight/action choreographer, writer and executive producer in Hollywood. With her vast experience in all ranges of film budgets, Fran has worked on low budget to high budget studio productions. Fran has designed the action for actors on numerous films. Kurt Russell, Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules”), and Tia Carrera are just a few of the celebrities she has taught theatrical combat. Some of the celebrities she has designed action sequences for include, Kurt Russell, Kevin Sorbo, (“Hercules”), and Tia Carrera.

An expert in weapons, she taught Jason Scott Lee the nunchucks for DRAGON, THE BRUCE LEE STORY. She has also designed swordfights for Hollywood period piece films. A screenwriter and producer, Fran brings a wide range of talents to the mix.


Fran’s corporate experience includes recruiting MBA graduates and executives for the banking industry, working as head of HR for a Los Angeles based energy company, and owning her own successful children’s clothing company.