This week, our featured Instructor, Ed Monaghan, pinpoints what makes Jerry Poteet’s Jeet Kune Do so special and unique. We could also use the same superlatives for Ed, a loyal, talented, innovative teacher and martial artist! Like his Sifu, Ed is a seeker and philosopher who incorporates ancient as well as modern training techniques in his teachings. He is a certified Instructor in the UCLA Mindful Awareness Program, and a decade’s long disciple of Taoism and Buddhism. I will let him tell you what drew him to Jerry, and how it impacts his life: “Although I had several black belts and had been certified in other methods of JKD, something was always missing. What Sifu did was brilliant. Sifu Jerry told me ” I am merely a conduit for what my teacher, Bruce Lee, gave to me. It elevated my life in every way. It is this gift I wish to pass on to you.” Jerry ‘s Jeet Kune Do was much more than physical. It is a tool for growth and self-discovery. Like the philosophy of Krishnamurti and other favorite philosophers that Bruce Lee required Jerry to read, JPJKD is an art of EXPANSION. To experience this expansion directly from Sifu Jerry was to have your life changed forever. Jerry wanted to share the joy of an elevated life that he received from his teacher. ” “There were no “secret sets”, no endless techniques to clutter your awareness. Sifu Jerry was outspoken about people who had made Bruce Lee’s sublime art about them. In some hands, it became a cult, where the head figure is almost revered, and the student is not allowed to question or seek training and knowledge elsewhere. To Jerry, this defeated the purpose of the art. PHYSICAL techniques were just a method to get you to an expanded, elevated life. To dwell only on the physical was to always be what he called, “an advanced beginner in Jeet Kune Do”. Like my Sifu, my goal is to pass on the joy of the art and philosophy of JPJKD. It has enhanced my life in ways I could not have foreseen. It is a circle with no circumference, an expansion of awareness that is almost mystical. Join me, and FREE YOUR MIND.” Edward Monaghan, Ekata Martial Arts Academy Professor, UCLA


This week, we are featuring Charlotte JPJKD Instructor Chris Monroe. In addition to 15 years experience in Jeet Kune Do, Chris’ extensive athletic background includes football, wrestling, power-lifting and Wing Chun. As a former Division 1 football player, students have the advantage of Chris’ vast background; he focuses on improving balance, speed and power, and sensitivity. (energy training). Anyone who has ever seen or felt Chris in action, are amazed at the speed, grace and finesse with which he moves. He can be as gentle as a drop of water one second, and as powerful as a tsunami the next, all with effortless control! But there is something much deeper than the physical with Chris’ martial arts. Like Sijo Bruce Lee and Sifu Jerry Poteet, Chris is a seeker. He is constantly reading and drawing from all sources; Eastern philosophy, Western modern psychology, ancient as well as cutting edge supplemental training methods. He is a Reiki practitioner, a business coach, a professional tech wiz, and a new father of twins! In short, Yin and Yang blend harmoniously in Chris in ways that I, for one, envy. We are very proud to have Chris Monroe, (and his beautiful wife, Anise), in our JKD family. We congratulate them on the opening of the aptly-named Limitless Jeet Kune Do, in Chrlotte, NC. The JPJKD Association, and his students, are very fortunate to call them family! Contact Sifu Chris Monroe: Limitless Jeet Kune Do of Charlotte NC Website: Phone: 704-997-9501


One of our JPJKD Instructors, Steve Dixon of OKC Evolution Martial Arts, asks a very insightful question: If the purpose of Jeet Kune Do is to destroy the opponent as efficiently and quickly as possible, how can we use JKD to live our best in our peaceful, day to day lives?” The reason we can reconcile the two seemingly contradictory goals is because Jeet Kune Do is much more than a combative art. JKD is a profound Philosophy Of Life. According to my husband, Sifu Jerry Poteet, his teacher, Sijo Bruce Lee, used to quote heavily from Sun Tzu’s, The Art Of War. One of the key principles is: When the way (path) is clear, forge ahead. It is obvious what this means in combat, either on the battlefield or one on one. Yet, how many of us apply this principal in our everyday lives? How many opportunities, professional and personal, do we let pass us by, instead of “forging ahead”? Ironically, most of the time, “the way is clear”, but we let our self-imposed negative thoughts place roadblocks in our paths to achieving our goals. Now, we can understand what Sijo Lee meant we he told Sifu Jerry to use JKD to “destroy the ego”. It turns out that the most vicious enemies we will ever confront are our own, self- limiting thoughts. This lesson from his teacher is what provided the inner fortitude for Jerry to survive a pioneering liver transplant decades ago. He always called it, “The fight of my life.” Refusing believe the doom sayers and doctors, and against all odds, he pulled through. When I pressed Jerry as to how he survived, he looked at me as though I had asked him the dumbest question in the world. He had only a one word answer. “Bruce”. I have often mentioned how Sifu Jerry used to implore me to “Get out of your own way!” Naturally, instead of doing so, I dug my heels in even more. Trying harder only meant trying to impose my will on a situation that was at best, temporary, and led to greater frustration. Wanting to impress myself and my teacher, my ego had tripped me up. Back to Steve’s original question. Jeet Kune Do is used in combat to destroy not the opponent, but rather, to neutralize the attack or threat, much like certain ant-bodies and bacteria that exist in our bodies that protect us by warding off disease and illness. On their own, they could be harmful, if not deadly.(Like self-limiting thoughts). But when harnessed for their intended use, they protect, rather than harm. Let’s use the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do to gather our dreams, get out of our own way, and FORGE AHEAD…   -Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph

In Honor of Sifu Daniel Lee

DRAGON’S DEN – DANIEL LEE   In the mid 80’s, I had the pleasure of meeting one of Jerry Poteet’s oldest and dearest friends, Daniel Lee. He was a great friend to Jerry and myself for the next 30 years. One of their deepest bonds was the undying appreciation and loyalty to their teacher, Bruce Lee. Along with other Bruce Lee students, Ted Wong and Steve Golden, neither Dan nor Jerry wished to capitalize on their teacher’s fame, but rather vowed to keep the art of Jeet Kune Do, as they learned it first hand, true to the principles of the Maestro.   Dan Lee was the oldest of the private training group, and  always referred to Sigung Lee as “The Young Dragon.” No slouch in the martial arts department himself, Dan Lee was middleweight boxing champion of Asia, a sh black sash, a black belt in Ju Jitsu and Kenpo, and a Tai Chi master BEFORE he met his famous teacher. It speaks volumes that he considered Bruce Lee his Sifu until his death. He and Jerry used to sit in the living room and regal me with stories from their training sessions with Master Lee. But it is not those stories that I recall today.   Dan Lee was one of the first recipients of a triple bypass many decades ago. His diet was severely restricted after the cardiac surgery. Jerry, one of the first of a liver transplant, became a lifelong diabetic. One weekend Dan and Steve Golden were visiting us, and like naughty kids, they all snuck off to the ice cream parlor. I will never forget the sight of the three of them sitting there diving into hot fudge sundaes, and fighting over whipped cream! Dan and Jerry were “cheating” on their diets, and wore expressions of sheer bliss on their faces. As for Steve, he just encouraged them to eat more! Since we were not in the best neighborhood, I remember thinking “I wonder what would happen if someone tries to start trouble with these three middle aged men, giggling and hunched over their ice cream”?   After I lost Jerry, Dan Lee often called to check on my well being. Along with Steve, he encouraged me to keep Jerry’s JKD legacy going, and to take care of myself. On one particularly rough day of fighting through my grief, he shared a personal story. He confessed to me that after the death of his wife, Charmaine, he had slept in his car at the school parking lot in order to avoid going home to an empty house. I was relieved, since I had been doing the same, and sleeping in my car at the beach. We shared other stories about loss and recovery, and he told me “chin up, don’t succumb to sorrow.”   The true embodiment of Yin/Yang, Daniel Lee was an explosive powerhouse when he moved and sparred, but he was also the epitome of stillness in repose. Professor and scholar, philosopher and martial artist, scientist and Taoist. Loyal to his friends, his teacher, his family, Daniel Lee exemplified the living Tao.   Now, he reunites with Jerry and his teacher in the Dragon’s Den. I can only hope they have ice cream and root beer. -Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph    


Today we celebrate Sifu Jerry’s Birthday! I am reflecting on what makes JPJKD so special and so different, and what bonds us as a unique martial arts family: THE GOLD LIGHT While many others teach a version of Bruce Lee’s incredible martial art of Jeet Kune Do, only Jerry Poteet’s has the manipulation of energy as its core. Some of us mistakenly confuse this JPJKD principal as constant chi sao, or energy drills, but it is much, much more. When Sifu explained that fighting was “controlling the other person’s SPACE and TIME”, (piece of cake!), I thought he was joking. But I later came to discover that kinetic energy can be controlled from a distance. Indeed, I saw him keep people at bay (“watch, they won’t be able to get any closer than this line”), several times. In fact, one well-known aggressive martial artist approached Jerry at an event. Yet each time he drew close, he looked uncomfortable and backed away. Jerry smiled that smile, and said, “See, it works!” Aha..the art of fighting without fighting… For the most part, Sifu’s cultivation of energy was used for benevolent reasons. But in order to receive Jerry’s energy, the ego had to be temporarily tucked away. In fact, Sifu told me that he knew everything there was to know about a person from the first touch. He could feel fear, hope, love, anger, or some combination. By the time he reached his last decade, Jerry no longer relied on touch, or even sight. He implored me to use “THE GOLD LIGHT”, when I trained, which I came to understand as an all-encompassing energy field. In the embrace of this gold light, which he said was “pure love”, Jerry could merge, body and soul with another. The Yin/Yang circle became complete, and it seemed he had a sixth sense and could read your mind. And since your mind was also HIS mind as well..he could! When I first trained with Sifu Jerry Poteet he was quite the robust, physical specimen already in his ’50s! Stories abound about how only he could perform many of the feats his famous Instructor, Bruce Lee, attempted to share with others. But the Jerry Poteet that he became, especially in his last decade, was almost supernatural in his abilities. His ego had disappeared, and he truly merged in the most compassionate way with his students and friends. Regrettably, not every student who sought Jerry out was capable of experiencing Jerry’s incredible skills; perhaps, as Jerry put it, they were “afraid of what would happen if the floodgates opened”. But it was their great loss, as they discovered when Jerry easily neutralized their speed and power WITH HIS SPIRIT. When I asked him where (if anywhere) he thought he would be after death, he gave me that impish smile and said, “I’ll be everywhere at once, all at the same time!” As were his wishes, we honor Jerry’s LEGACY by continuing his unique teaching methods and curriculum through the Jerry Poteet Jeet Kune Do Association under my direction. This year of 2014 has many exciting future plans for the JPJKD Association and events. Our upcoming Instructor Workshop in Los Angeles this October is just the beginning! Details of this and the only official JPJKD events are on our website: And of course, you can still train directly with Sifu via the Jerry Poteet Online JKD eAcademy at Thank you all for your heartfelt appreciation of JPJKD. I look forward to sharing the “JPJKD Experience” with a new generation of students and Instructors. If you wish to find Read More …

Dream On

Dream On   Today we honor the visionary artist, philosopher and founder of JEET KUNE DO, BRUCE LEE. Millions know him through the medium of film, and tens of thousands through his art of JKD. In addition to the above, I am fortunate to know him through the personal memories and stories of his students, Jerry Poteet, Steve Golden and Daniel Lee. By all accounts, he was not only an extraordinary martial artist, but was also an honorable individual, and devoted friend. According to them, his goal was not fame and fortune, but rather the perfection of the human spirit via his art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. He did not have mere ambitions; he had DREAMS. Bruce Lee changed Jerry’s life in countless ways. In fact, Jerry always referred to that first meeting, in Oakland ,California, as “Once Upon A Time”…(Many years later, I use that phrase to describe my first meeting with Sifu Jerry!) Why is Bruce Lee’s life as compelling as ever? Because he overcame prejudice and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve his dream. Happy Birthday, Maestro Bruce Lee. Dream On… -Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph

Welcome Caroline Sierro’s Swiss JPJKD Group

We are proud to welcome Caroline Sierro’s Swiss JPJKD group to our martial arts family. You can learn more about her group by visiting their Facebook page at She has years of martial arts background including boxing, grappling , escrima, and JPJKD! Caroline is a wonderful teacher, and her students appreciate her joy and dedication. If you want to train in a non-competitive and positive environment, you can not miss Training with Caroline!

JPJKD Association Annual LA Instructor Workshop October 3-4

The JPJKD Association is gearing up for the Annual LA Instructor Workshop At beautiful Ekata Martial Arts Academy in Valencia. An inspiring venue with amazing people! Join Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph in Los Angeles, California October 3-4, 2015 for an explosive 2-day JKD Instructors Workshop event hosted by Sifu Ed Monaghan! Reserve your spot today!

JPJKD Presents Eric Carr – JPJKD Certified Instructor

This week, we are featuring Certified JPJKD Instructor Eric Carr of Los Angeles, CA. Eric is a extremely knowledgeable teacher and a very talented practitioner. He has remained true to Sifu Jerry’s method of Jeet Kune Do. Thank you, Eric, for your loyalty, dedication and love for Sifu Jerry and his association. To learn more about Eric Carr or contact him directly, visit: or email: Visit: or email: to register for an event to train with and join our JKD family!

JPJKD is now firmly established in Rome, Italy, Switzerland and beyond!

There is an expression that says, “Rome was not built in a day.” But over the course of five days last week, JPJKD is now firmly established in Rome and Italy, Switzerland and beyond. Our modern gladiators, led by Sifu Isidoro Luisi, continue the traditions of excellence and loyalty. The old pagan rituals of bloodshed have evolved to pledges of helping OTHERS achieve greatness. Isidoro and his talented team from Palermo will preserve the legacy of Sifu Jerry Poteet, and that of his teacher, Sijo Bruce Lee. The Gold Light has indeed come to Rome.  

A Tribute To Sifu Jerry Poteet

This week, we are featuring Instructor Dimitri Therios of Glenview, Illinois. Dimitri is a member of the Second Wave of students Sifu Jerry Poteet taught in Sherman Oaks, CA. Dimitri is very talented and charismatic. He has also remained true to Sifu Jerry’s method of Jeet Kune Do. Like his teacher, Dimitri is a seeker, not only of physical mastery, but also a seeker of deeper truths. He is on a spiritual path that never ends, or, as Jerry describes in the clip, “The Open End”. Therefore, the circle is NEVER complete, always open to new possibilities. Dimitri is also a screenwriter, and a world class fitness expert. You will note that also included in the video clip are other JPJKD Instructors, including: Michael Ha, Joel Ledlow, Barry Lee, Mark Minkovitch, Ed Monaghan, Mike Moratore, Mike Plachy, Octavio Quintero, Vern Rochon, Rolfe Shoeffers, Robert Soroka, Joanne Joann Wabisca. I (Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph) might be lurking in there as well! Thank you, Dimitri, for your loyalty, dedication and love for Sifu Jerry. I know that it was mutual… We hope to see you all in Atlanta August 29-30 and then in Rome September 12-13! Go to to sign up and learn more! -Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph

Honoring the Jerry Poteet JKD Legacy – The Open End

As anyone who trained with Sifu Jerry can attest, the teaching methods and curriculum he developed are truly special.  This is for several reasons, but the most important reason is this: JERRY POTEET’S Jeet Kune Do is based on a POSITIVE and UPLIFTING METHODOLOGY for achieving greatness in martial arts and life. It’s goal is to have each individual reach “THE OPEN END.” What is, “The open end”?  Like much of what Sifu Jerry taught, it seems at first to be a contradiction in terms.  For Sifu Jerry, it meant the endless path to self-discovery.  (“Know YOURSELF and you can vanquish a thousand enemies” – Sun Tzu) This path begins on the physical level, but advances to the intellectual and spiritual.  Unlike most other martial arts methods, Jerry Poteet’s Jeet Kune Do moves beyond mere technique and into the sublime. Again and again, I experienced Sifu Jerry urging me to “make yourself disappear”! He presented me with another puzzle.  How can I get better by losing myself?  But strangely enough, the less my ego got involved, the faster, stronger, and more powerful I became.  In fact, my physical martial arts skills became such that I amazed even myself.  (And, I am not easy to impress!) Today, The JPJKD Association mission is to share and perpetuate this accelerated training method.  Those of us lucky enough to train with Sifu Jerry treasure this experience…as he treasured his time with his teacher, Bruce Lee. One such way for students to experience Sifu Jerry directly is through our ONLINE JKD eAcademy.  The JPJKD eAcademy training offers a step-by-step instruction course for students of all levels.  ( Under my direction and guided by the wishes of Sifu Jerry, the JPJKD Association will expand and grow, and I, along with our Certified Instructors, are committed to keeping the Flame of Jerry Poteet’s Legacy burning bright for years to come. After all, it’s the least we can do for someone who gave us something so valuable, the OPEN END. Sifu, we’ve only just begun…